Reading Your Tune

Please note: this info is pre-2012. Sorry, we do NOT have any updated info. We have never tuned anything ever. We recommend talking to a tuner for more current information.


After you've been through all the steps in Updating your AutoCal and Preparing your AutoCal you'll need to read out your stock tune. There are at least two reasons you'll want to do that.

  1. You should always save a copy of your stock tune in case you decide to return the vehicle to stock.
  2. You need to send a copy of your stock tune to your tuner so he can modify it for you.

Take the AutoCal and the Black OBDII cable out to your vehicle. Connect the OBD cable to the OBD port, usually located under the dash. Connect the RJ45 plug to the matching port on the bottom edge of the AutoCal. Turn the key all the way to on, but don't start the engine. The AutoCal should come up with a menu sayng Display DTCs.

Press the Down Arrow button (the right one) until the screen says Read 1,2,3,4 or 5 on the first line and the type of controller you have on the second line.

Then press the OK or center button and follow the on-screen directions.

When the reading has finished, you should be told to turn off the vehicle.

At that time, turn off the ignition, unplug the AutoCal and take it back to where the computer is.

Plug the AutoCal into the computer using the USB cable.

Start EFILive Explorer and navigate to the F3: Data Files tab. Once there, find and click on the Read folder.

In the Read folder you should find the file you just read. Drag it from the AutoCal onto your Desktop. Once the file is on your Desktop you can close EFILive Explorer.

Personally, we are a big proponent of backups, so we recommend you burn that file to a couple of CDs, put one in a safe place and give the other to your mom to save for you. Hopefully you never need them, but having extra copies is a lot less painful than needing one and having none.

If you need to send your tune to your tuner, just send the copy you put on the desktop.

When your modified tune comes back you'll need to follow the instructions in the Flashing your Tune section.