DSP5 Swap Ends

For reasons that are both clear and unexplainable, we get asked on occasion to make DSP5 switches that are reversed or to make stickers that read 5-1 instead of 1-5. I decided that it would be easier to just make up a set of scripts to just reorder the DSP5 tunes in the tune.

So far, I've done LMM, LLY and late LB7, I don't have an early LB7 to work on so if you want a script for early LB7, send us a tune and I'll make it work.

To use one of these scripts, first download it and save it to My Documents\EFILive®\V7.5\User Configuration\Scripts

Then open a tune in the EFILive® V7.5 Tune tool and then choose Edit => Run script.

When the Script box appears click the Open button, choose the script in question and click Open.

Next, read the notes at the top of the script in case there is something you need to do before running the script. For the LB7 and LLY you should read it, but the downsides of not reading it are small. For the LBZ/LMM the downside of not reading it and following the directions might be a disaster.

Then click Run. It's a long script and will take a minute to run.

When it's finished, save it with a new name and carefully check to see if everything looks OK.

Finding people to test these has been a bit of a challenge so if you find a problem, please tell us and I'll see that it gets fixed.

Late LB7 Script

LLY Script

LMM Script

You will likely have to right click on those links and choose download or "Save link as..." until I learn a bit more HTML.

More info on scripts here.