EZ LYNK Ford and LML Switches

Our Ford and LML switches are for EZ LYNK tunes. They come with the same aluminum knurled knob, 1-5 decal, allen wrench and split loom tubing for installation as our regular DSP5 switches.

  • Our LML switches are yellow and black with special LML pins (do NOT use LLY as they are not correct)
  • Our Universal Ford switches are orange and white and come with two positap connectors for installation. NOTE: These switches are NOT intended for use with EFILive® tunes
  • Our new plug-and-play Ford EZ LYNK and SCT switches have two options: orange and white 2-pin for 2011-2014 and orange and tan 5-pin for 2015-2016
  • We now offer a Cummins EZ LYNK switch. Please note: currently you must be using Higher Power Performance tuning or someone who is using tuning from Higher Power Performance to use these switches.
  • We also have Keylock versions of both of our Ford and LML switches for EZ LYNK