Working with Scripts

NOTE: This information is for learning purposes only. We do not take responsibility for anything that happens to your vehicle as a result. Please use at your own risk!

A script is a file that allows you to automatically apply a set of changes to a tune file.

Scripts make repetitive changes much easier and above all, they insure consistency, but after all is said and done, their most important feature might be helping you make money. For a significant number of customers, starting with a known tune will often get you 90% of the way there. A script allows you to apply a known set of changes to a customer’s stock tune in a few seconds. And in the diesel world, for a majority of your customers it might get you 99% of the way there.

The pages below this are my attempt to teach you as much as I can of what you need to know to become a master at using scripts. I thought about saying everything you need to know, but I'm not sure I know enough to pull that off. If you find anything missing or think something is wrong or unclear, please let us know so I can update the information.

Scripts can be edited by hand, there is a file installed with EFILive® that describes the actual structure of a script file if you want to attempt that, it's located here:

My Documents\EFILive\V7.7\User Configuration\Scripts\SampleScript.txt