I Bought a Truck and It Has A Switch Already

Question: I bought a truck and it has a switch that says “Fish Tuning.” What do I DO?

Answer: Congratulations! The truck you bought was tuned at some point by someone who used one of our switches. That is the good news. The bad news is that we don’t know who tuned your truck or how they tuned it. Most of the time, the tune is locked, and only the original tuner can modify it.

If you can feel a power difference at different switch settings then your truck is tuned, if you can't, it might have been returned to stock.

If you can, contact the seller to see if they have more info. Our switches do not contain tunes (your ECM would). If you bought it from a dealer, it is possible they flashed your truck back to stock. Also, many of our switches can be used by multiple tuning platforms. For example: EZ LYNK and SCT, EZ LYNK and EFILive® or MM3 and EFILive®.

In any case, your best bet would be to contact a new tuner and have them reflash your vehicle with a tune specifically for you. Even though our name is Fish Tuning – we are not tuners. We manufacture electronic switches and parts.

Good luck!
Robyn, Ira and the Crew at Fish Tuning