StarLite Diesel Tuning Book

We don't sell these books, but you can contact Zach directly HERE.

These books are dedicated to teaching terminology and basic tuning information needed to work on Duramax and Cummins vehicles. It is accompanied by a CD with test files, tutorials and other essential information to get you going with your EFILive V2!

The "basics" book (also available seperately) is 98 pages of content printed and bound to hold up in tough environments such as shops and front desks. The "Advanced" book is a reference guide, about 70 pages in length, that builds on the basics book to cover each generation of Diesel currently supported by EFILive Release Candidate 8 software. It is very important that you take start with the basics book and then work your way to the reference material in the Advanced books.

These books contain terminology and information related specifically to EFILive v7.5 software (Release Candidate 8) and EFILive V2. The software is contained on the CDs that accompany the book.

Shipping is via USPS Mail, and is included in the price!


These books are the books used in the StarLite Diesel training classes themselves. As such, they are written and geared towards in class participation. However, they are more than just a reference and walk you through building a basic tune on a Duramax and on a 5.9 Cummins. The specific examples used are a Druamax LLY and a 2007 Cummins 5.9.

These books give the terminology and information so that the reader can take the knowledge from the book and be familiar enough with the 'concepts' to take that knowledge to other year vehicles. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THIS INFORMATION! These books will not teach you how to tune modified trucks, they simply lay the groundwork for you to be able to understand HOW to tune a truck. There are too many combinations of parts and setups to be covered in even a series of books - so laying the foundation is all these book are for. Understanding terminology, tables, how to navigate inside the EFILive software, etc.

In addition, there is supplemental information contained on the CDs that come with the books - so many common questions are answered in the additional documentation on the CD.

We don't sell these books, but you can contact Zach directly HERE.